Monday, November 17, 2008

Active Learning: Using Simulations to Stimulate the Social Studies

For those of you that either missed our presentation at the 2008 NCSS Annual Conference in Houston, Texas or could not squeeze into the jam packed room (over 75 audience members), I have posted our PowerPoint presentation and any distributed resources to my blog. In an age where teachers are searching for ways to authentically engage students, many of us can attest to the power of a good simulation. Feel free to access the resources, and make constructive comments. For those of you that plan on using the distributed “Daily Show” lesson plan, be looking for the soon to be posted video on that shows my social studies methods students and I journeying through its use. I’ll be sure to link to it when it’s edited and uploaded.

1. Active Learning: Infusing Simulations to Stimulate the Social Studies

2. Use of Child Soldiers in Uganda Simulation

3. Election of 1800 Simulation (Can use with other important elections)

4. A Nation of Immigrants Simulation

5. Daily Show Lesson Plan

6. United Nations Simulation

7. Iraq Debate Format

Global and Social Studies Education

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